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Our Story

Zilzom is an exclusive Indian fashion label established in 2018 in Ladakh by Stanzin Palmo, a graduate of NIFT, New Delhi. After graduation, she went back to her roots to draw inspiration from it. She worked as a design mentor in skill development projects training the women artisans of Ladakh. Her experience gave her more insight into the local textiles and traditional techniques. 


Zilzom was born as an outcome of Stanzin’s appreciation for Ladakh by seeing inspiration in the culture, tradition, nature, and the local textiles like Pashmina (Lena) and wool (Nambu). She expresses herself through hand doodling by drawing inspiration from sea buckthorn, apricot blossom, clouds in a contemporary style of motifs, and then translated onto Eco-friendly summer textiles.


Stanzin adds, “I feel my prints in Ladakhi silhouettes and Ladakhi handmade Pashmina shawl with embroidery aren’t seen anywhere and is something new for everyone where each piece tells a story with emotions all the way from Ladakh”. Ladakh’s Pashmina is the finest in the world with 12-15 microns in diameter and Zilzom creates its exclusive hand-spun, handwoven, and hand-embroidered Pashmina collection to promote and give Ladakh’s Pashmina its own identity. 


Since Zilzom’s inception, we have tried to practice a slow and meaningful approach towards fashion. Particularly, emphasizing our design process, storytelling through our prints, use of materials, local craftsmanship using traditional techniques and organic fabrics, and weaving them into “Timeless creations”.


Zilzom became a part of the Indian fashion fraternity by winning and showcasing their collection “Between the Earth and Sky” at the Lakme Fashion Week, 2019, and was also the winner of the Blender’s Pride Fashion Tour (The Showcase) in 2020.

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